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Posts tagged what's for dinner


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Hya folks! I might have to start making dinners earlier in the day, it’s getting dark earlier. Eeeeek!

What’s for dinner?

Roast pork tenderloin

This is a perfect fall looking meal right?

Apple cider rosemary roasted pork roast with apple and onion chutney, served with roasted vegetables tossed with rosemary, thyme, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Served in a sweet roasted squash.

This is something I make every year. The pork comes out so tender in this recipe! This is the first time I’ve made the roasted vegetables, but they seem pretty good too. (I was shooting this before I ate…and posting this before I eat too. My stomach is going crazy! :)

Apple Cider Rosemary Pork Tenderloin

Dessert is another slice of the Nutella Banana Bread I posted the recipe for yesterday.

Nutella Banana Bread

Recipes for the dinner tonight will be posted on our main blog at

So, what’s on your plate tonight?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Quick post…again, yes, I know right? LOL

What’s for dinner?

I’m making this now, so I’m showing an older pic. Forgive me? Thanks.

Bokeh Lasagna

Leftover Lasagna

I’m making lasagna for dinner. I actually just came over here to email Cam to grab the italian bread so I can broil it to go with this and make garlic toast…(and yes, I still have garlic toast with grape jam on top! LOL)

Dessert I made last night.

two nine one.

Spice cupcakes with homemade pumpkin cream cheese frosting.


This is easy… A box of spice cake mix (You can use ANY box mix…not just pumpkin) with a can of pumpkin with a splash of apple cider….spice cupcakes, pumpkin style. Bake as the box suggests. It’s a LOT thicker than using the eggs and oil, but it’s a lot less cholesterol and fat too….with a lot more fiber when using the pumpkin. I’ve heard people using diet soda instead of the pumpkin. I haven’t tried that yet.

Frosting…well, dump a brick of cream cheese, about 2tsp pumpkin pie spice, 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and 1/4c canned pumpkin into a bowl (I added a dash of cinnamon too) and mix til whipped and creamy. I dumped it into a big ziploc bag, cut the tip off of a corner, and voila..yeah…I’m so fancy! LOL

So what’s on your plate tonight?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Super quick post here now, followed by a possible longer one later.

HI! Have you ever gotten to a point where you take on a project and you’re like “Sure, I can do it!” Then about a month in you’re wondering “What the heck was I thinking??” I’m there!

What’s for dinner?

I’m literally flying through this. I went to class earlier, got home, made dinner, took pics of it and a few other goodies I baked today, took my son to his band concert, and took my daughter with me to a Homeowners Association meeting.

all within an hour.

 I was writing this earlier at the HOA meeting, but my battery died…and it killed my post. Grrr

Anyway, dinner was quick and simple for me. I made leftover homemade chicken and dumplings with a salad for dinner. Of course modified a bit differently than the link above, but it’s a good quick fix for those moods for quick, simple and comforting.


Cameron (husband) made this amazing vinaigrette that even my daughter loves, and she’s been a little under the weather, so I made her her favorite ‘chicken and ducklings’. It’s easy and to the point…plus if it has her put something in her tummy while she doesn’t feel good, it works for me.

February 22

For dessert, I made pumpkin butterscotch blondies for the HOA. Cameron kinda forgot to take them, so I have both the blondies as well as pumpkin zucchini bread here waiting to be eaten (That’s another post though, coming soon…)

Pumpkin butterscotch blondies.

So…what’s on your plate tonight?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Hya folks! It’s back to school time, and guess who has signed up for school again? Meeee! Aaaah! Strangely enough, the kids don’t even start back until next week, so this is a fun juggling game for me. I told my kids I was going back to school; the older one looked confused, the younger one asked if I was going to be a teacher, a teacher’s assistant. Thanks kids. Now I feel old

What’s for dinner?

I’m not cooking. I will get back into the swing of things hopefully soon, but for now….I’m getting Aubree’s

Aubree's Bbq Chicken Pizza

Barbecue chicken pizza is going to be on my table for dinner tonight. This is from Aubree’s Pizzeria and Grill out here in Ypsilanti, MI. It is nice and has a nice crisp crust, which I am a huge fan of. What’s on your plate tonight?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Evening everyone. It’s coming. Can you smell it? Can you FEEL it? It’s in the air. Fall. My favorite time of year!

What’s for dinner?

Trying to enjoy the last few weeks of warmer weather, Cam fired up the grill and we made chicken salads for dinner. I know. Boring. Eh…I’m a simple girl, what can i say?

Jan 3 

Grilled chicken cut up, tossed with salad greens, red onion, carrots, dried cranberries, mandarin orange slices, (or we use fresh pear sometimes too) and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

A few days ago, I had commented that I was wanting a banana bomb pop from the ice cream man, but I never see them around here. I decided to make my own, in the form of banana bomb pudding pops.

Yes, I’m a child from when there were pudding pops out….Bill Cosby commercials and everything. Yes, I’m old, shut it. ;)

Banana bomb pudding pop

I used sugar free chocolate and banana pudding mix…and this is a giant one. I used a regular glass for it too. I found the easiest way to fill these is to make the mix, and pour them in bags before they start firming up. Then squeeze into pop molds, glasses, whatever you want to use. (that’s also a craft stick….it’s about 1” wide . I had extra from the regular popsicle molds that I had. :)

So, what’s on your plate, bowl, or stick tonight?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Evening all. Sorry I’ve been away if you’ve been reading, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus while the kids are out of school. They’ll be back soon, so I’m going to have to get on the ball again..maybe. ;)

What’s for dinner?

I didn’t cook tonight. I was running around; and after breakfast my husband made me today, I had to run around to burn it off. Wanna see?

two two two.


French toast that he makes for me usually involves King’s Hawaiian sweet bread loaves. This plate wasn’t made to be pretty, it was made to eat, while it was hot! I was hungry…I was walking to the desk with it, and shooting it at the same time…Don’t judge me!

Tonight I was out in Southfield, so I figured I’d try Ziggy’s Cheesesteaks. I haven’t had a cheesesteak since I moved from Las Vegas. Oh man…this is some good stuff.

Ziggy's Mushroom Cheesesteak

Ziggy’s Mushroom cheesesteak with provolone cheese, mushrooms and grilled onions, topped with A-1. Yes….I put A-1 on it. I’m bad. shhh…there’s also Red Hot in the ketchup. MMMMM….

Needless to say, I am avoiding the scale until next year. ;)

So…what’s on your plate tonight?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Man, it’s a hot one today. I mean, seriously, HOT here in Michigan. It’s almost 7pm and it’s 97 degrees. The last thing I know that most of you want to do is cook. I know what you mean, I wasn’t a fan of doing it either. Still…I have to ask you though

What’s for dinner?

I’m gonna be honest here. If it wasn’t for me being part of this blog, I wouldn’t cook hardly as much as I do; Especially trying to find new recipes I wouldn’t ever make on a regular basis. My friend Ponti posted these noodles earlier today, and I had to try them out, especially getting them ready for tomorrow when I can have cold noodles on a day that it’ll hit over 100….seriously I figured I left these days when I moved from Las Vegas and Phoenix! PHEW!

grilled chicken

The noodles are vegetarian, but I need protein, so I added a little bit of grilled chicken on top. Best part here is that I can have both cold tomorrow and not worry about cooking. WIN!

Dessert? Well, I purchased a watermelon today. I had to ask for a seeded one, which was funny to me. Why are the seeded watermelons in the back? They’re about 10x more flavorful than seedless. (to me anyway)

I bought a 28 lb watermelon. Yes, yes I did. And stood for over an hour and cut and seeded it. TOTALLY worth it to me. :)

dang mo

This bowl is 14” across. Not a seed to be found in it. I found two recipes to use a bit of it, one I can’t show you yet because they’re not set. (Watermelon yogurt pops!) The other I’m having right now.

Banana Watermelon Margarita

Banana Watermelon Margarita

This is a watermelon banana margarita with a few blueberries tossed in. I froze all of the fruit before adding it to the blender (thin slices of watermelon and banana helps them freeze faster, and also makes them easier to blend.) There was no ice added to this. A bit of lime juice was though, as well as a sugared glass rim. 

Oh yes. I’m keeping cool tonight! I hope you are too.  

So, what’s on your plate tonight?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Evening all, or afternoon depending on where you are in the world today reading this. I’m a bit off my game today, so forgive me, but this is gonna be a little different today.

What’s for dinner?

Have you ever been in the mood for the same types of food for a few days in a row? I’m kinda there right now. What’s the mood you ask? Asian cuisine. Meat and rice. Yep. I’m there. I’m asian too, so it kinda works for me. ;)

May 7

Dinner tonight is Yum Nuea. This is a thai dish - grilled beef sliced and mixed with lime juice, fish sauce, thai peppers, rice powder, and a bit of salt and pepper. I don’t really measure anything, so it’s hard to give you a recipe. I do use a whole lime though, and after mixing everything together, I add some red onion, seedless cucumber, and top it on a bed of romaine lettuce. (this isn’t the norm…at least it’s not how my thai mother serves it anyway.)

yum nuea 

Sorry, I mean, it’s not the prettiest of things to shoot, but it’s probably the most ordered thing that my husband orders if we ever go to a thai restuarant, or would ask my mother to make when I go to her house. :) Here…I’ll post a couple more pics of food to make up for it.

Lunch? I made this

Pad Prik Khing

This is Pad Prik Khing. Spicy Beef in a red curry paste with green beans. Just showing you a couple of options other than the regular pad thai I hear a lot of you people order from Thai restaurants.

BTW, if you ever go to my house…this is the kind of Thai cooking I look forward to. ;)

Chicken and Scallop Lad Na

Just don’t let my mom add a bunch of seasonings to it (like above) or you will REALLY get your sinuses cleared out. ;) Chicken and scallop lad na mixed with cauliflower and served on fried noodles.

Sorry, that was random! HA! Back to it.

Now for the continuation of asian cooking…this is what I meant. Last night? I made a spicy chicken stir fry for dinner.

Chicken stir fry

I guess the best part of this is that if you know you’re in this kind of mood, you can make a lot of rice and have several meals prepared for your lunch and dinner. The only downfall is that the kids probably won’t tolerate it, (at least mine don’t) and you’ll be cooking for them anyway.

So, what’s on your plate tonight?


What’s for Dinner (The Weekend Edition)

Ok, it’s the weekend and I’m posting two questions for you. Question one: do you think I should do these on the weekend or Wednesdays? I just thought I’d toss that out there to see if anyone answers. Now, on with the food! Question two:

What’s for dinner?

I’ll be honest. I didn’t cook dinner for myself. The kids got spaghetti and meatballs. You don’t need a pic of that! However…lunch was another story entirely.

I headed to Ann Arbor and asked Twitter where to go because I was in the mood for something new. Two people suggested Frita Batidos. (Thank you Tim and Miranda!) I looked at the menu, and as soon as I saw churros, knew exactly where I was going.

I went to the counter and asked what was photo worthy. After a few suggestions, I ordered the Gulf Shrimp sandwich and Churros sundae. (There’s a sign on the counter that says to order everything at once so you don’t have to get up again, so I did…big mistake! Too much food for just me!)

Anyway, wanna see the sammich?

Gulf Shrimp Sandwich

"spiced and seared gulf shrimp with fresh cilantro oil, pea shoots, and Bermuda onions on brioche.”

I’ll be honest. I was a bit thrown off by this. There is a huge pile of those pea shoots to the left that I had pulled off so you could see those huge beautiful shrimp. When asked what I thought, I was honest, and they were super nice and replaced my sandwich with this amazing pulled pork sandwich instead.

Frita Batidos Pulled Pork sandwich

This? This above? AMAZING..It’s also my dinner.

So much to see inside, I have to post it twice.

Pulled pork sandwich

"Braised Berkshire shredded pork with sweet chili mayo topped with tropical cole slaw."

Oh…My..Goodness. This is amazing.

Why didn’t I have it for lunch? Easy. Remember when I said I ordered the sundae at the same time? Well, that was melting, and, I mean…LOOK AT IT!

Churros Sundae

Churros a la mode with caramel sauce.

Yes…I can’t…just…there’s no words.

Jamie came to check on me this time, and asked if I’d like to try their ginger lime water. In an “all things new” mode, I took her up on the offer and she came back with a sandwich bag full of liquid. Seriously, this is so refreshing, and reminded me of how they serve drinks in Thailand!

Ginger Lime Water

Yes, it’s a weird shot. I mean honestly though, how do you shoot a drink in a bag? There is one shot somewhere of me holding the iced coffee in a bag, but I’m not posting it here. ;)

So, what’s on your plate this weekend?


What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Happy July everyone! Can you believe it? The year is already halfway over. There’s only 170 more shopping days until Christmas. What, you weren’t counting? Ok, that could just be me. Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;) Back to the present though….

What’s for dinner?

In my genius state, I left my camera in the car, so I get to recycle pics of what I’m making. Don’t hate…this is gonna be good anyway. YES IT IS!

We had gotten a steak to cook for the holiday, but then with the chicken and brats we were already cooking. I figured we should save it until later this week. Soooo

Pregrilled state.

I marinated the london broil in a Caribbean jerk marinade overnight. I bring it up to room temperature a bit before grilling. (as in, like two hours…) Cut a whole pineapple into spears, and a red onion with some red and green bell pepper gets sliced and coated with olive oil, and salt and pepper.


toss em all on the grill together. (I absolutely love that grill basket.) I love the core on a pineapple too. Ok, yes, I’m weird. That’s ok though, right? Anyway..

Post Grilled State. 

Let the steak rest for a few minutes…cut and serve

Don't rush me!

Caribbean jerk marinated london broil with grilled veggies, grilled pineapple and rice pilaf.

What’s on your plate tonight?

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