Frita Batidos

This is my favorite restaurant. Can you see why?

Inspired Cuban

 Frita Batidos Inspired Cuban

 Garlic Cilantro shoestring fries

Their Inspired Cuban is Aromatic roast pork with tasso ham, thick cut bacon, gruyere, cornichons, and chipotle mayo; served on Cuban bread. Served with a side of garlic cilantro shoestring fries. Amazing.

One of their dessert choices are freshly made Churros. Super hot and served wrapped in paper

Frita Batidos

Shown above is Frita Batidos Churros with Chocolate español. The chocolate is to dip your churros in…

two five eight. Oh

yes…it is hot chocolate. The churros are super fresh and have a bit of orange scent infused with, chocolate, cinnamon, sugar and dough?? Heck yes. And if you’re wanting to go with fresh churros and something a little cooler, they have a Churros à la mode.

Churros Sundae

topped with caramel sauce. Definitely my favorite restaurant in Michigan.**

~watty~ **(This is my own personal opinion, shot on my own time, and I paid for my food. :)