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Mini caramel apple pierogi from Two Guys Catering at the Ypsilanti Farmers Market. 

Mini caramel apple pierogi from Two Guys Catering at the Ypsilanti Farmers Market. 


Frita Batidos

This is my favorite restaurant. Can you see why?

Inspired Cuban

 Frita Batidos Inspired Cuban

 Garlic Cilantro shoestring fries

Their Inspired Cuban is Aromatic roast pork with tasso ham, thick cut bacon, gruyere, cornichons, and chipotle mayo; served on Cuban bread. Served with a side of garlic cilantro shoestring fries. Amazing.

One of their dessert choices are freshly made Churros. Super hot and served wrapped in paper

Frita Batidos

Shown above is Frita Batidos Churros with Chocolate español. The chocolate is to dip your churros in…

two five eight. Oh

yes…it is hot chocolate. The churros are super fresh and have a bit of orange scent infused with, chocolate, cinnamon, sugar and dough?? Heck yes. And if you’re wanting to go with fresh churros and something a little cooler, they have a Churros à la mode.

Churros Sundae

topped with caramel sauce. Definitely my favorite restaurant in Michigan.**

~watty~ **(This is my own personal opinion, shot on my own time, and I paid for my food. :)


Beer Review - Blue Tractor

Sweetwater Java Stout

This is a new offering the Blue Tractor offered up for us to try; it’s a Stout that has been dry hopped with Sweetwater Cafe’s coffee.  Java Stout is dark brown to black and cloudy adding to the depth of color, and has a thick and rich head mirroring a Guinness.  This is a rich beer with only a hint of palatable bitterness (and that mostly tastes of coffee and pine), since most of any hops derived bitterness is covered by the rich coffee and chocolate flavors.  Most surprising about this beer is its spiciness and lack of residual hops flavor that can be all too common in Micro-Brews.  The best flavor comparison for me is a mocha, as it has almost dark chocolate as the overarching flavor followed by coffee.  So if you like stouts, or enjoy a little more of a coffee flavored bitterness in beer, or if you just want a smoky and rotund beer; head over to the Blue Tractor and check out their Sweetwater Java Stout.

Malty -|———— Bitter

Light ————-| Dark

ABV: 6%

East Bound & Brown

This is the Blue Tractors offering in an American Brown Ale.  Another dark and cloudy beer with a medium bodied cream colored head.  East Bound has a wonderfully smoky and roasted flavor that compliments the expected nuttiness.  This is contrasted slightly with a pine like bitterness.  For a brown ale East Bound has a wonderful crisp snap on the tongue making it feel lighter and smoother than many other brown ales.  And while the bitterness can linger on the tounge a bit it’s not at all bad.  I would probiblly recomend this to people who enjoy Sam Adams Boston Lager,  and if you like brown ales this is a great addition to the lineup (although it might be a bit lighter than you used to).

Malty —-|——— Bitter

Light ———-|— Dark

ABV: 5.3%

Bumper Crop IPA

Bumper Crop is a Light Colored Medium Bodied IPA and one of Blue Tractors year round beers.  The first thing you will notice about this beer is the floral bitterness that you can even smell on it. This beer has a nice thick head (great lacing) and a citrus flavored start with a bitter snap at the end.  Bumper has hints of mango, grapefruit, and caramel that can be tasted around a floral and pine like bitterness that sits on the tongue.  This is an IPA that hits you and will not let go and Balanon stated at the tasting this is a “face sucker”, and if your love is bitter IPAs with good complexity this may just be for you.  While not as bitter and hopy as say Bells Breweries Hopslam, Blue Tractors Bumper Crop is a wonderful addition to the beer world especially for those among us who enjoy the bitter spiciness associated with IPAs.

Malty ———-|— Bitter

Light —-|——— Dark

ABV: 6.5%

- @iamFournier


Beer Review - Jolly Pumpkin

Biere De Mars

Biere de Mars from the Jolly Pumpkin is a limited release French style stock ale (specifically only 4 barrels are being released for sale). Mars is a dark almost plum colored beer with a thick cream colored head. Mars has a lightly sweet taste that comes through first followed by a vineagar sourness, and finishes on an an oakey bitterness. This beer is fruity and sour and remindes me of a pinot noir, Mars has great character and is among a unique group of beers the only beer I have had that comes close is an Old English Porter offered by New Glarus (also a limited release).  However if you like dark beers that are sweet and not too bitter like porters or bocks give Biere De Mars a try.

Malty —|———- Bitter

Light  ———-|— Dark

ABV: 7%

Oro De Calabaza

One of the Jolly Pumpkins regular offerings is the sour ale Oro De Calabaza, which has a wonderful golden wheat color and pours with a wonderful medium bodied head and a smell that is reminiscent of orange soda. There are two over arching notes in Oro firstly a sweet citrus flavor and then a spicy almost sour yeast flavor. While those are the over arching tones of there is quite a bit going on in this beer, including an oakey nutty flavor imparted by the oak barrel aging, and other subtle hints hidden within this beer. This is a complex balanced offering which is most reminiscent of Blue Moon or other similar wheat beers. If your looking for a sweet wheat beer similar to Belgium beers give this one a try I also suggest taking your time and enjoying the variety of flavors present. 

Malty —|———- Bitter

Light —-|——— Dark

ABV: 8%