What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Evening all, or afternoon depending on where you are in the world today reading this. I’m a bit off my game today, so forgive me, but this is gonna be a little different today.

What’s for dinner?

Have you ever been in the mood for the same types of food for a few days in a row? I’m kinda there right now. What’s the mood you ask? Asian cuisine. Meat and rice. Yep. I’m there. I’m asian too, so it kinda works for me. ;)

May 7

Dinner tonight is Yum Nuea. This is a thai dish - grilled beef sliced and mixed with lime juice, fish sauce, thai peppers, rice powder, and a bit of salt and pepper. I don’t really measure anything, so it’s hard to give you a recipe. I do use a whole lime though, and after mixing everything together, I add some red onion, seedless cucumber, and top it on a bed of romaine lettuce. (this isn’t the norm…at least it’s not how my thai mother serves it anyway.)

yum nuea 

Sorry, I mean, it’s not the prettiest of things to shoot, but it’s probably the most ordered thing that my husband orders if we ever go to a thai restuarant, or would ask my mother to make when I go to her house. :) Here…I’ll post a couple more pics of food to make up for it.

Lunch? I made this

Pad Prik Khing

This is Pad Prik Khing. Spicy Beef in a red curry paste with green beans. Just showing you a couple of options other than the regular pad thai I hear a lot of you people order from Thai restaurants.

BTW, if you ever go to my house…this is the kind of Thai cooking I look forward to. ;)

Chicken and Scallop Lad Na

Just don’t let my mom add a bunch of seasonings to it (like above) or you will REALLY get your sinuses cleared out. ;) Chicken and scallop lad na mixed with cauliflower and served on fried noodles.

Sorry, that was random! HA! Back to it.

Now for the continuation of asian cooking…this is what I meant. Last night? I made a spicy chicken stir fry for dinner.

Chicken stir fry

I guess the best part of this is that if you know you’re in this kind of mood, you can make a lot of rice and have several meals prepared for your lunch and dinner. The only downfall is that the kids probably won’t tolerate it, (at least mine don’t) and you’ll be cooking for them anyway.

So, what’s on your plate tonight?