What’s for dinner Wednesday?

Quick post! I’m home alone, so that means I get to be silly and alone tonight…and have to post these?? *slaps cheeks* AAAAAAAAHHH!!!

What’s for dinner?

I’m not really cooking…ok, these are simple. I even made one yesterday. And all summer…and winter…and, well, whenever I want pizza.

barbecue chicken pizza

I highly recommend always having tortillas on hand. Get a couple packs if you have kids. Why? Quick fixes…quesadillas/’grilled cheese’, wraps, and quick little ‘make your own thin crust pizzas,’ Perfect when they like weird toppings nobody else might like. (I could live off of black olive and pineapple pizzas…just sayin. :)

bbq chicken pizza

This is a double tortilla.


Um. well heat oven to 375

Grab 2 tortillas…(these are multi grain.)

in oven proof skillet, toast one side of the tortilla. Take it out and while toasting the second one, flip tortilla, and top the first tortilla (the toasted side) with sauce and cheese. Turn stove off, take out second tortilla, put first one back on skillet, and top with second one with your favorite toppings.

Place skillet in the oven for 10 minutes.

take out, let it rest for a few minutes, cut, and enjoy.

This one in the photos is leftover barbecue chicken breast, red onion, italian blend cheese, and Honey Chipotle barbecue sauce. I top it with freshly torn basil.

Dessert…this makes me a very happy girl. Homemade Coffee ice cream. I added some sugar free hazelnut syrup and Nutella into the ice cream maker 5 minutes before I turned it off….

Nutella and coffee ice cream

Did I mention I’m a happy girl?? Very Very HAPPY Girl… Oh yeah…I love my coffee. I even match my coffee…I wonder if I smell like coffee? Anyway, I’m a happy girl.

 Coffee & Nutella Ice Cream

Er…I’m a very happy dude. ;)

So….what’s on your plate tonight?