Beer Review - Jolly Pumpkin

Biere De Mars

Biere de Mars from the Jolly Pumpkin is a limited release French style stock ale (specifically only 4 barrels are being released for sale). Mars is a dark almost plum colored beer with a thick cream colored head. Mars has a lightly sweet taste that comes through first followed by a vineagar sourness, and finishes on an an oakey bitterness. This beer is fruity and sour and remindes me of a pinot noir, Mars has great character and is among a unique group of beers the only beer I have had that comes close is an Old English Porter offered by New Glarus (also a limited release).  However if you like dark beers that are sweet and not too bitter like porters or bocks give Biere De Mars a try.

Malty —|———- Bitter

Light  ———-|— Dark

ABV: 7%

Oro De Calabaza

One of the Jolly Pumpkins regular offerings is the sour ale Oro De Calabaza, which has a wonderful golden wheat color and pours with a wonderful medium bodied head and a smell that is reminiscent of orange soda. There are two over arching notes in Oro firstly a sweet citrus flavor and then a spicy almost sour yeast flavor. While those are the over arching tones of there is quite a bit going on in this beer, including an oakey nutty flavor imparted by the oak barrel aging, and other subtle hints hidden within this beer. This is a complex balanced offering which is most reminiscent of Blue Moon or other similar wheat beers. If your looking for a sweet wheat beer similar to Belgium beers give this one a try I also suggest taking your time and enjoying the variety of flavors present. 

Malty —|———- Bitter

Light —-|——— Dark

ABV: 8%