What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

I know, I know. It’s sunny, you’re busy, there’s a game coming on, you have to work late, take the kids to practice, or insert whatever here…very soon though, you’re going to want to eat something. What I’m asking you is, do you know what you’re having yet?

What’s for dinner?

I made a taco bar. Pretty easy, and, well, who doesn’t like tacos? (ok, I know there’s a few of you who probably don’t, but…well, that’s why it’s a ‘bar’, you can make what you want. ;)

Easy enough. Make taco meat, and whatever your favorites are. I turned 2 lbs of ground beef into taco meat, then cut up a tomato, a red onion, lettuce and set them on the cutting board, then placed sour cream (or in my case, greek yogurt) shredded cheese, salsa and green onion out next to the cutting board. The teen assembles hard tacos, the younger one gets soft tacos, the husband heats up some queso and makes nachos, and I made a taco salad.

one oh three

A full head of chopped romaine, red onion, some tomato, salsa, taco meat, spanish rice, a little cheese, greek yogurt, and a few crushed tortilla chips on top. Served with a small margarita on the side. This is one of my favorite meals in the warmer months.

Why two pounds for just a family of four? Why not? There’s plenty now left over for a quick meal later in the week this way. (which is perfect for hungry teenagers when they get home from school, or to pack up to take to work for lunch.) I usually make a lot of food and have “free the fridge Friday”. Need a recipe for taco meat? Try this one. 

What’s on your plate tonight?