Cake & Ice Cream to go.

This is a quick post I just thought to post about 10 minutes ago. Sorry the pics aren’t up to par, again…just thought about posting it.

Want cake & ice cream to go for yourself or maybe a young child’s birthday party?  I’ve got a quick three step process for you. Ready? Set. Go.

What you will need: Ice cream. Cake. Ice Cream cones. (Yes I made this up. C’mon! I told you the easier it is, the more likely I’d do it! LOL)

Step one.

Cut about 1” strips of cake. Any cake. Good cake. Don’t do this with sucky cake. Seriously. Don’t.

step one.

See that cone down there? Yep, it’s blue. Get whatever colors you like. I made tye dye cake, I got pink, purple, and blue cake cones.

Step two: shove cake into the cone.

Step two

Pack as little or as much as you want in here. Whatever your cake to ice cream ratio, have at it. I personally can’t have more than a couple bites of ice cream, so this is perfect for me.

Step three: Top with ice cream.

Step three.

Again, as much as you want.

Then eat.

You can go crazy with this if you want, put some frosting at the bottom of the cone, or between the cake and ice cream. I like the thought of the ice cream melting into the cake. This is also great for kids because not only can they run around with it, the ice cream isn’t dripping through the bottom of the cone. You could also keep them plain before parties and top with whatever ice cream guests or friends want on top. :)

one one one.

Perfect for the summer!

I made my daughter a cake yesterday for her birthday; leaving a couple cupcake sized portions of batter for later to make cupcake cones. The dog one of the 9” cakes when I went to get the cones, so I had leftover cake. After seeing her cones, I wanted one of my own, so tried it out. Loved the results, so figured I’d pass this along.

Oh, you want simple instructions for the cupcake cones? Easy!

Make your favorite batter, and fill the cupcake pans with said batter, and top with upside down ice cream cone. Bake about 20 minutes. Take out, and decorate when cool.

one one oh.

Have a great week!